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Expert Auto Engine Repair & Service Provider in Fort Worth

Without a properly working engine, you can’t really count on your car for much. With most of the moving parts of your car in your engine, it’s easy to see why there’s so many services that need to be kept up to help with daily driving and wear and tear. Because your engine is so critical to your car, you need to know that your mechanics are always taking proper care of it. At Kwik Kar Ridgmar our ASE certified mechanics provide drivers throughout Fort Worth with the most comprehensive engine maintenance & repairs possible.

Service You Can Trust

At Kwik Kar Ridgmar we’re committed to making sure your engine is properly serviced with every visit. Using the latest factory-grade tools & equipment, we handle all engine services and repairs including:

  • Major & Minor Tune-Ups
  • Timing Belt Maintenance & Replacement
  • Fuel System Testing
  • Engine Rebuilding & Remanufacturing
  • Remove & Replace Head Gasket
  • Intake Manifold Services & Replacements

We take our time to work with you to get your engine the proper services it needs with every visit. The result is a better performing car without the need for extensive and expensive long-term repairs. You can drive with confidence that your car is always taken care of as our mechanics only perform services & repairs with your approval.

Auto Engine Repair & Service

Common Signs of Engine Trouble

While the check engine light is the most common indication that something is wrong with your car, there are other signs to look for as well that include:

  • Poor or Erratic Performance
  • Car Won’t Start
  • Car Stalls Repeatedly
  • Visible Oil Leaks

Catching these issues early is a key to preventing long-term damages to your engine or to your car overall.

Call or Visit Our Shop Today

If your car is experiencing performance issues that you think could be engine related or with any additional questions, please call or visit our shop today. Kwik Kar Ridgmar is proud to help drivers throughout Fort Worth and in surrounding areas that include:

Better service for your car starts today! Give us a call and let our friendly & knowledgeable mechanics help you take better care of your car.

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