Mercedes Transmission Failure Repairs From the Best Garage in Fort Worth

28 May
Mercedes Transmission Failure

Mercedes Transmission Failure Repairs From the Best Garage in Fort Worth

Transmission failure can happen in any vehicle, including your Mercedes. With this in mind, in this article, we will look at the types of transmission, the signs of failure, issues inherent to the Mercedes brand, and the very best place in Fort Worth to go to get it fixed.

Two Types of Transmission

There are 2 types of transmission that your Mercedes may use, manual or automatic. Manual transmission is the most simple and is just a more high-tech version of a bicycle gear changer. When you change gear, the clutch pauses the engine for the briefest of moments, allowing you to shift gears. Once this happens, the clutch releases and normal engine function is resumed.

Automatic transmissions do what the manual transmission does but without the need for the driver to do it. Many drivers love this because it is one less thing for them to focus on while driving, meaning they can focus on the road more. Automatic transmission uses a torque converter to monitor both road and engine changes which tells the system when a gear change is needed.

Signs of Failing Transmission

There are 7 main signs that your transmission may need looking at:

1. Noise

You shouldn’t be able to audibly tell that you’re changing gears. Therefore, any noise heard when gear changing occurs should be viewed as a problem that needs exploring.

2. Hesitation

Gear changes should happen as soon as you press the clutch pedal or move the gear stick. If this process seems delayed then you’re probably in the early stages of clutch failure.

3. Burning Smell

A burning or acrid smell can be caused by the overheating of leaking transmission fluid or even overheating of the transmission itself.

4. Transmission Leaks

To provide your car with the power it needs to change gears, your Mercedes uses pressurized fluid known as transmission fluid. If this fluid is able to leak, then the system will no longer be able to achieve the needed pressure.

5. Gear Grinding

This symptom can be different depending on the type of transmission you have. In a manual transmission, you will feel the stiffness or grinding of the gears. Whereas, in automatic transmissions, gear changes will be rough.

6. Noises when in Neutral

If you hear noises when your Mercedes is in neutral, then it is likely that your transmission fluid is low or needs changing.

7. Warning Lights

Warnings such as the check-engine light may illuminate because of transmission failure. This usually points to a more serious issue and should be investigated by a professional at your earliest convenience.

Mercedes and Transmission Issues

As previously mentioned, Mercedes has become quite well-known for their vehicles experiencing transmission issues. The most reliable type of transmission they use is the 5-speed automatic transmission. However, even this transmission is known to develop problems with the 13-pin connector and the valve body, but luckily, these are a low cost problem to fix.

The larger issue centre around Mercedes 7G-Tronic Seven Speed Automatic Gearbox. When this part fails, it most commonly causes aggressive gear changes that are rough and can be felt by the driver. Sadly, a lot of models of Mercedes use this system, so if you drive any of the cars listed below, you should keep on top of your servicing to make sure your transmission stays healthy:

  • C-Class: C220, 230, 250, 280, 320, 350
  • CL-Class: CL500
  • CLK-Class: CLK280, 320, 350
  • CLS-Class: CLS320, 350
  • SLK-Class: SLK280, 350
  • E-Class: E220, 280, 320, 500, E63 AMG
  • GL-Class: GL320, 420
  • R-Class: R280, 320
  • S-Class: S320, 500
  • SL-Class: SL350, 500
  • M-Class: ML280, 320, 420, 500

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