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Despite no new models being made in years, Saab continues to have some of the most dedicated fans of any vehicles. Known for their durability and performance, properly maintaining your Saab can be difficult as many shops don’t have the right tools and equipment needed. There’s an even bigger emphasis on the quality of service your car receives so you can continue performing at the high levels you expect. For drivers throughout Fort Worth, that means turning to the expert mechanics at Kwik Kar Ridgmar. For years we’ve offered Saab owners high-quality and accurate services and repairs.

Everything Your Car Needs

At Kwik Kar Ridgmar we work with you to always ensure your Saab stays on schedule with routine maintenance and service appointments. Our ASE certified mechanics handle everything your car needs, including:

Our shop always uses the latest available factory-grade tools & equipment so that we can always offer the most accurate service possible. The result is an appointment that always keeps your Saab looking and feeling exactly like you expect no matter big or small the task is.

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For years Kwik Kar Ridgmar has helped drivers throughout Fort Worth for years and also welcomes drivers from surrounding areas like:

If you’re tired of basic service impacting your Saab’s performance, call or visit our shop today. Our friendly staff and knowledgeable mechanics are here to help you get the best possible care for your car.

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