Signs Your Acura Needs New Brake Pads in Fort Worth

27 Jun
Acura Brake Pad

Signs Your Acura Needs New Brake Pads in Fort Worth

No matter what Acura model you own, brake pads will be included as part of the braking system. The better the condition of the brake pads, the better braking reaction. This is crucial to ensure that you and your passengers are always safe while you drive. The brake pads should be closely monitored, and it is important to replace the pads as necessary if you notice signs of wear and tear or damage.

The Function of the Brake Pads

The brake pads are made out of a type of friction material. They are responsible for providing the pressure and friction needed to slow your Acura by pressing on the brake rotors. With applied pressure to the brake rotors, your Acura slows and eventually comes to a stop.

If your brake pads are brand new, they will stop at a quicker rate than brake pads that have been on your vehicle for an extended period of time. The brake pads are part of the braking system and are located in the brake calipers. Every time you brake, the brake pads are engaged to slow and stop your vehicle.

Common Signs of Brake Pad Failure

You always want to keep your brake pads as fresh and new as possible. This means that the moment you notice any of these signs of failure, you should get new brake pads for the safety of you and your passengers.

A common sign of brake pad failure is noisy brakes. As the brake pads wear down, dust builds up on the pads. When you step on the brake pedal, the built-up dust creates vibrations and squealing noises. Another cause of noisy brakes is metal-on-metal scrapping. When the brake pads have worn completely down, all that is left is a piece of metal called the brake pad backing plate. So when the brake is engaged, the metal brake pad backing plate and the metal brake rotor come into contact, creating the squeaking or squealing sound.

Another warning signal that will indicate new brake pads are required is a pulsating brake pedal. When the brake pads have severely or abnormally worn down, you will feel the brake pedal pulsate as you step on it. Not only can this mean that you need new brake pads, but it can also mean that there is an issue with the brake rotor. So if you feel the brake pedal pulsate when you use it, there may be more than one part that needs to be replaced.

In addition to the two signs above, new brake pads will be needed if you experience poor brake response when you step on the brake pedal. If the brake pads get to the point where there is no pad left, the ability to safely brake when needed will be severely reduced. Without brake pads, your Acura’s braking response time will be dangerous. This leads to a significant reduction in the safety and overall handling of your Acura.

One last sign that will alert you to the need of new brake pads is the brake light illuminated on the dashboard. Just as your dashboard has a check engine light, there is a brake light as well. So if you notice that it has turned on, have a professional inspect your brakes to see if the issue stems from needing new brake pads or something different.

Replacing the Brake Pads on Your Acura

The brake system of your Acura plays a large role in your safety whenever you get behind the wheel. This is why maintaining this system is crucial. So Acura Brake Pad Replacement when you notice any of the above signs, you should have your brake pads inspected as soon as you can.

The place to go for new brake pads is Kwik KarRidgmar. We are easily accessible for the drivers of the communities of Saginaw, Sansom Park, West Fort Worth, Westover Hills, Westworth Village, White Settlement, and Fort Worth, TX.

When you bring your Acura to us, a mechanical safety inspection is performed. We believe that our customers should be informed about the overall conditions of their vehicles, so we review the results of the inspection with you. This way, you have a better understanding of your vehicle, the brake pads, and how maintaining their condition is beneficial to the entire well being of your Acura. Call us today for an appointment.

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