What Fort Worth Drivers Should Know About Audi Electrical Problems

12 Jul
Audi Electrical Problems

What Fort Worth Drivers Should Know About Audi Electrical Problems

Electrical issues in Audis are one of the more common types of issues for this vehicle. Your Audi has a computer that monitors and controls a majority of the systems in your vehicle, so it is essential that the electrical components in your car work properly. Many of the vehicle parts have sensors that continuously report reading back to the main computer. If any system is not functioning properly, you will be alerted by the computer, through the dashboard.

Below are a few of the electrical problems to keep an eye out for, and what to do when you notice some of these signs and symptoms.

Battery Problems

For the computer in your Audi to function properly, the battery has to be in good shape. The battery powers your Audi and everything in it. Normally, the battery lasts you about two years. However, this number can decrease significantly if you live in a place with a harsh climate or if the battery was faulty to begin with. Of course, other factors, such as leaving lights on in your car, can drain your battery prematurely as well.

Corrosion is the number one cause of battery failure. When the battery begins to corrode, the terminal that conducts the current is interrupted. At first, the interruption in the current will be intermittent, only causing minor glitches in the computer system. However, if the corrosion continues to build, the ultimate endpoint is your vehicle not starting.

You will know that the battery is failing or having issues because clicking or slow cranking noises will be heard when you turn the key. Before immediately running to get a battery replacement, you can check the battery for minor issues that, if resolved, can increase the battery’s life. When the vehicle is turned off, first check to see if there are any loose cable connections. You can tighten these cables if they are loose. The next step is to check around the battery for signs of corrosion. If the corrosion is minor enough, you can clean it off with baking soda and an old toothbrush. For a significant amount of corrosion, you will most likely need to have the battery replaced.

Erratic and Failed Lights

One major sign that indicates your Audi is having electrical problems is erratic or failed lights. Erratic lights can be found throughout your Audi. You may notice a flickering of the interior or dashboard lights, or note that part of your console isn’t lighting up at all. The most dangerous place erratic lights will occur is in the headlights. With an electrical problem, the headlights may not function as they should. This can be dangerous if you unexpectedly end up driving in the dark.

For example, if you are driving down a portion of the highway with limited lights, your headlights become even more important. You need them at full power so you can see through the darkness. With electrical problems occurring, the headlights will not be at complete capacity.

Another problem that may occur regarding your lights is your taillights failing. When electrical issues occur, one of the first sets of lights to completely fail are often the taillights. This can be difficult to tell on your own because you cannot see the taillights as you drive. So the best way to test the taillights is while you are at home. This way you can turn on the lights and inspect the taillights for yourself. If you realize your taillights are not working as they should, don’t ignore the problem; after all, they’re the only way others can see you from behind in the dark!

Audi Battery Problems Fix

Addressing Audi Electrical Problems

The best way to know for certain where the electrical problem is coming from is to have a professional look at your Audi. Here at Kwik KarRidgmar, we have trained and certified technicians that use the latest equipment to run diagnostics and pinpoint exactly where the electrical problems stem from. We are easily accessible from the areas of Saginaw, Sansom Park, West Fort Worth, Westover Hills, Westworth Village, White Settlement, and Forth Worth, TX. Make an appointment with us today to have those Audi electrical problems inspected, so you can get back on the road in a safe, electrically sound vehicle.

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